Da Vinci Learning is an innovative and unique educational television channel that aims to bring curious minds of all ages together to celebrate the lifelong journey of learning. Reaching millions of viewers around the world, Da Vinci Learning is broadcast in 16 localised versions across over 100 territories. Da Vinci Learning is offered under our parent company, Da Vinci Media, a dedicated and international team responsible for promoting Da Vinci Learning and inspiring a love of learning in our markets through exciting events, partnerships, and campaigns.

Da Vinci Learning offers a wide array of programs, all of which meet our high standards for quality, family-friendly content. Curated with the entire family in mind, the Da Vinci Learning channel offers something for everyone: mornings are dedicated to the children, while families can enjoy afternoon programming together and parents and adults can experience stimulating documentaries in the evening. The Da Vinci Learning philosophy is centered around the idea of seamless learning, the belief that learning is a lifelong journey that hinges on participation, engagement, and, most importantly, fun! Our commitment to finding the best in educational entertainment will never end, because we understand the desire for inspiration, the thrill of discovery, and the pleasure to know.

Da Vinci Learning’s programming is the heart of our mission. Our commitment to finding the best in available educational entertainment never ends. Because we understand the rush of inspiration, the thrill of discovery and the pleasure to know.

Da Vinci Learning is uniquely positioned to serve the needs of the whole family: children, parents and adults. Thematically designed for educational television, our selective program criteria guarantees engaging, non-violent content which is also suitable for young children.

Da Vinci Learning makes the home a laboratory for enrichment. Programs with fascinating experiments parents and children can do together and intriguing journeys through space and time, create an environment for families to share their adventures in learning.

Because learning shouldn't have an age limit.

Da Vinci Learning’s philosophy centers around the idea of seamless learning. Our programming encourages active participation, not sedation. By offering programming that makes astounding scientific ideas understandable, we arouse curiosity, spark conversations around the dinner table and motivate our viewers to continue uncovering the mysteries of the universe.

Arousing the curiosity of our viewers is our mission. Providing them with ways to go even further is our commitment.


As long as there are questions to be asked, there will always be demand for quality, entertaining education. Da Vinci Media GmbH serves this constantly-expanding market across the globe, employing multiple media platforms to make the world of science accessible to people all over the globe.

For children and families, novices and experts, whether online or on TV, Da Vinci Media GmbH is proud to support our growing community of curious minds with the best in educational entertainment.

Because … it’s a pleasure to know.


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Da Vinci Learning is part of Da Vinci Media GmbH, an independent media group dedicated to providing education in an entertaining way, be it with high-quality on-air and on-demand programming, educational apps or unique, engaging magazines. Da Vinci Media GmbH maintains excellence in its educational broadcast streams from its headquarters in Berlin, Germany. Since 2007, Da Vinci Media GmbH has expanded its reach to over 100 territories around the globe. The channel is available in 16 localized language versions across 3 continents. Da Vinci Learning is about finding the answers to anyone´s curiosity while enjoying the comfort of a safe, non-violent environment

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