Which Inventor Genius is Your Kindred Spirit?

Every day we come into contact with innovations of all shapes and sizes, thought up by generations of engineers and inventors that spent long hours slogging away in the dark to perfect their ideas.

Take the quiz to meet your Inventor soulmate and discover which inventions have shaped your daily life the most.

We nostalgically imagine that we have left behind a golden age of bespoke design, and that the objects we all use every day are simply churned out by factory production lines – humdrum, banal, and inferior to what went before… But in fact, these jewels of mass production are amazing: everyday miracles that are the shining consequences of hundreds of individual geniuses, thousands of moments of inspiration, and millions of hours of research – all dedicated to bringing us every comfort of the 21st century.

In this series, materials scientist Mark Miodownik takes us on a voyage of discovery to meet the extraordinary people behind the creation of everyday objects. These are the genii of mass production who understood the materials around them with such intimate knowledge that they could find ways to transform them with endless ingenuity into the stuff that enhances our daily lives and shapes our world.

Everyday Miracles

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