Food Frenzy
Making a pumpkin lantern has become a Halloween tradition, especially in America, where it is called “jack-o-lantern”. Which one of you and your friends can make the scariest looking one?
Why is the sky blue and why do sunsets appear red? It's all in the science! Here’s a fun experiment to find out how light and particles create our beautiful skies!
Smart Science
Tipping a glass filled with water gets the expected result – a mess. But what happens if you put a card on the top of the glass? Check out this easy experiment that you can do at home.
Physics & Space
Blast off with this experiment as you use the principles of rocket science to make your own space shuttle! Grab an adult and get ready for lift off!
Smart Science
Science does not mean complicated. This is a super easy experiment for you to try at home that demonstrates how water tension works. Notice the difference when sprinkling a lot of pepper versus less pepper.
Smoothie of the Week
Red pepper contains a lot of vitamin A which is needed for our ocular function, immune system and mucous membrane. This smoothie combines the best of both worlds - a fruit and a vegetable! Try making your own orange twist at home!
Cultures around the world, not only in Ancient Egypt, used to mummify people who had died to prepare them for the afterlife. But how does it work?
Smoothie of the Week
Watermelon is not only really tasty but also good for our heart, muscles and blood vessels. About 92% of the watermelon consists of water. This is an excellent way to quench your thirst on a hot summer day. Which other ingredients can you add that will make it taste even better?
Human & Culture
Farmers who have a natural instinct for growing crops are said to have a "green thumb". Here’s an experiment to find out how green your thumb is!
Smoothie of the Week
Kiwis grow on bushes that can get up to 10 meters high. They are filled with vitamin C and also contain an enzyme – actinidin - that helps us digest our food. How about kicking your day off with this tasty green super smoothie?