Physics & Space

Blast off with this experiment as you use the principles of rocket science to make your own space shuttle! Grab an adult and get ready for lift off!

What You Need: 
Cork with streamers attached with a thumbtack
1 large plastic soda bottle
500 ml water
500 ml vinegar
1 tsp baking soda
Paper towel
What You Do: 
Add the water and vinegar to the bottle.
Place the baking soda in the center of the paper towel and twist ends to keep the baking soda from falling out.
Outside in the yard, drop the paper towel with the baking soda into the bottle and put the cork on tight.
Stand back away from the cork and bottle and watch as the baking soda reacts with the vinegar and shoots off the cork.
What's Happening: 

The baking soda mixes with the vinegar to form carbon dioxide gas. As the gas forms, pressure builds up inside the bottle and eventually forces the cork to fly. Why do you think it only works when the cork is on the bottle tight? 

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