Work on your SciQ with Da Vinci Learning and check your knowledge about the human body and its fascinating processes and functions with this quiz!

How Much do You Actually Know About the Human Body?

SciQ introduces a younger audience to science through adventure presenting a wide range of topics guaranteed to capture the imagination of kids. What is the future of living underwater? How does the magic of movie making work? How does a detective investigate a crime scene? Can fish talk – what are they saying? Do twins have identical fingerprints? Could you fly without a plane?


These and other questions will be looked into and answered by our energetic young explorers Andrew and Paula. In each episode they take on the challenge of testing their SciQ based on a highlighted theme. Complete opposites, Andrew and Paula approach stories with their own unique styles. They are competitive in a friendly way. They have a knack for asking the same simple, direct and honest questions their young viewers would ask.

Feed your brain while on an adventure or two – with SciQ

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