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With tips from guest pro Daniel and some scientific insight from Dr. Heather, there is no stopping Chloe on her way to tennis court.
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This series uncovers the monumental impact of the periodic table on the history of science. From Lavoisier’s discovery of oxygen to Mendeleev’s classification of elements to Seaborg's creation of plutonium, this is the true story of the Periodic Table brought to life.
The series showcases a wide range of sports to break down how things work when we play, helping kids understand the history of sports while demonstrating fun scientific facts. Engage in popular sports like basketball as well as culturally specific ones like cricket.
Meet the extraordinary people behind the creation of everyday objects. These are the genii of mass production who understood the materials around them with such knowledge that they could transform them into the stuff that enhances our daily lives and shapes our world.
Seven-year-old Mati, a cheerful girl with a passion for art, is magically transported into the lives of great artists by her eccentric sidekick, Dada. Together they go on exciting adventures, solving mystery after mystery. Welcome to Art with Mati and Dada!
This is the story of the birth of modern physics – the discovery of the most perplexing theory in scientific history, Quantum Physics. Jim Al-Khalili takes us to the heart of the epic battle fought between the greatest minds of science over the nature of reality itself.
In this film, experimental physicist Helen Czerksi demonstrates why bubbles are crucial to champagne and how they can revolutionise medicine. From the micro to the macro, she shows how these ‘holes in liquids’ underpin physical, chemical and biological processes.
Between 550 – 450 BC three of the greatest minds in history - Buddha, Confucius and Socrates – ripped apart traditions and thrust populations towards a new age of reason. Across the continents this period saw an outburst of revolutionary ideas – so how did they do it?
In this international science series, kids from the Netherlands, Sweden and French Guyana conduct surprising scientific experiments to learn about concepts such as balance, surface tension, sourness, static electricity, illusions and the wind.
From how we grow to how we feel, hormones are a crucial part of what makes us human. The Fantastical World of Hormones touches on some of the best and worst in medical history - from creating an elixir of life out of testicle juice to finding the cure for diabetes.
Growing up with her little sister Lola and her big brother Luc, nine-year-old Mily is trying to make sense of the world. Why does she feel so jealous of her sister? What does it mean to be happy? In this show we watch Mily explore the answers to her life questions.