When robotics helps to understand sciences in an interactive way!

Berlin, 22 October 2015. Since yesterday, students living in Taiwan can enjoy the first ever Da Vinci Labs! The opening brought together more than 75 guests, including the German Ambassador and executives from Taiwan´s leading high tech and media companies.

The mission of Da Vinci Labs is to increase student ability in math and science by using robotics and computer programing as learning platforms.

At Da Vinci Labs, students embark on a course of learning that builds a deeper understanding of math and science – while having fun. Using Lego, Vex and advanced robots, students apply geometry, algebra and calculus to solve a series of “Challenges”, essentially tasks that a student’s robot must complete in a specified period of time. No prior experience in robotics is necessary as the initial challenges are simple and students quickly and confidently conquer basic movement and single action robots with ease. As the students’ progress, the challenges get more difficult and their understanding of the topic deepens.

Da Vinci’s Challenge based curriculum was developed by Da Vinci’s educational professionals in Germany, based on work originally developed at Stanford University and Carnegie Mellon University. Succeeding on these challenges will help the students to improve their performance in school. Each challenge has Desired Learning Objectives that link to Math, Science and Technology topics from local and international school curriculums.

Da Vinci Labs has already set up partnerships with strong names in the educational world such as the Datong University and the Canadian International School of Hong Kong.

For more information about the Da Vinci Labs, please visit: http://www.davinci-labs.tw

About Da Vinci Media GmbH:

Da Vinci Labs is part of the Da Vinci Media Group, based in Berlin, Germany.  The company offers high quality educational programming for students and families. The Da Vinci Learning Channel is available in 111 countries around the globe including Taiwan on CNS and MOD. 

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