IF-Lets get Inventin_ORG

Over one hundred years ago Baron von Goober travelled through space and time, seeking inventors of the future. Now he’s landed in New Zealand, setting Goober Challenges to encourage real kids like you to turn their dreams into reality.  With the support of a build buddy and the practical help of Mr. Metal and various experts, these cool young inventors have fun building prototypes and testing out their ideas.  Check out their fabulous contraptions— from rocket powered ice-skates to a fish tank belt to stickers that tell you when you’ve had enough sun. And at the end of each series, one of them is chosen to win a $10,000 Prize Package to have their idea patented. Wow!

Tune into Da Vinci Learning on May 13th and 14th as we focus on Let’s Get Inventin’, and get ideas to create your own amazing gadget.

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